Spreading Secularism Like the World Depends on It

This post is inspired by a particular gentleman who stopped by our table at the farmer’s market on Saturday. He described himself as an atheist and skeptic. I began to doubt his skepticism when he started talking about how the only presidents to be assassinated in office weren’t masons, but that’s a different issue. While he was glad that we, the Secular Alliance at IU, were active, he said he could never really support using energy on something like that.

I used to be an apathetic atheist. I didn’t think any sort of involvement in spreading science, reason, secularism, and all other good things was really worth any time. If people wanted to spend time and money on church and religion, then so what? But I started to realize how much harm religion causes. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Harm to individuals and society. To people young and old. How could I just go on letting this happen? What kind of person am I if I know that people are being kicked out of their homes by their parents for being homosexual, using religion to justify it, and do nothing. How could I go on knowing about genital mutilation, threats of hellfire, inadequate medical care, Jerusalem syndrome, suppression of scientific progress, racism, cruelty to animals, religious terrorism…

I don’t know how much of an impact I can make as the president of SAIU. I don’t know how many people will change their minds about religion because of the Secular Alliance at IU, or any other secular organization. But as long as a few people can reconsider, I’ll know I did something. So for now I’ll keep going on, spreading love and secularism like the world depends on it.