Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign meeting

Location: Ballantine 146


The slogan used in the UK/Canada campaigns.

Description: *Note: this is not an “official” SAIU event.  

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign is a group organized for the sole purpose of advertising on buses in Bloomington and other areas of Indiana/the midwest.  The campaign is modeled after bus campaigns in the UK and Canada.  We want to put an slogan that will present the positive face of atheism while encouraging discussion about the topic on public transit.  This is a campaign in-the-making, so if you want to be a part of it come to the meeting!

If you want to be involved and find out about events, you can email and ask to be added to the atheists-l listserv, or add yourself by emailing with “SUBSCRIBE ATHEISTS-L” in the body of the message.