Flying Spaghetti Monster Feast

The Flying Spaghetti Monster with Adam


Update! The Send an Atheist to Church fundraiser and the Flying Spaghetti Monster Feast combined raised $650 for Doctors Without Borders! Thanks for a great semester of service, everyone!





In case you haven’t heard, SAIU is having a Flying Spaghetti Monster Feast on Friday, April 20th. We will feast in State Room East of the IMU at 6pm. The feast will include copious amounts of spaghetti, dancing to the sweet music of SAIU co-founder Bart J. Helms (End Time Spasm Band), and goodies from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for sale. All proceeds of the event will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Tickets are $15 for dinner and $25 for dinner + an event t-shirt. Tickets will be available during our community center hours, at regular meetings and events, and at some special times. Watch the website and our Facebook page for more info on tickets. If you visit us in the office to buy your ticket, you can get a special deal on our regular SAIU Shirts! Cash, checks, and credit are accepted forms of payment.


 If you’re on facebook and would like to RSVP  please see the event page here. If not, you may RSVP by emailing


*Have no idea what the heck we’re talking about? Check out the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and read the good word.


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  • Jessika said on April 1, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    If you are viewing this page as someone who feels offended by this event, please keep in mind that this is a fun and light-hearted way to raise money for an excellent charity. We’re always open for discussion though! Come to our meetings or office hours to see what we’re all about :-)

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